It can be a massive job to sort through everything, remove all the furniture and rubbish, give to charity, transport everything, mow and trim trees, then scrub and pressure clean to get the house looking good for a successful sale.

Remove the running around and stress during an already stressful time in your life. We prepare your home for sale, rent, or bond retrieval. A full service from beginning to end with an all-in-one home preparation service.

Deceased Estate Furniture Removal

The first step in clearing a deceased estate is managing the wide range of furniture and contents. This can be extremely difficult if you are grieving, or live a long distance from the estate, or have many commitments.

We will work with you to help you to:

Deliver items you wish to keep to a specified address.
Sell furniture and other items of value.
Donate items to charity.
Dispose of any unwanted items.

Preparing the Home for Sale

Often, a deceased estate property needs extensive cleaning and maintenance. We do all of the physical work, we prepare the property according to your wishes while you take the time to be with friends and family.

We can help you to:

Thoroughly clean the home inside and out.
Trim the gardens, weed, cut trees and bushes.
Paint the property inside and out.
Deodorize to remove pet and smoke odours.

We will take all efforts to improve the overall appearance of the property to maximise its potential sale value.

The results of hoarding items over a number of years can seem impossible to clean. The sheer volume of work involved can feel overwhelming and makes starting to make change that much more difficult – but it doesn’t have to be.

Brightening up a deceased estate in preparation for a property sale. It is a difficult time when a loved one moves on, and their property needs to be organised and cleaned. We prepare the home for bond retrieval, rental, or sale.

The total makeover. We pack and move your valuables, then let rip. We clear everything, then scrub the property from top to bottom, do up your garden, add street appeal, apply paint and trades. Every effort to improve the appearance of the property.

We will handle your task without judgement, and share compassion and understanding. We are proficient and honour your dignity. Let us help remove the overwhelming feeling. We remove the burden.

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We work well and understand what executors and legal teams need.

If you are appointed executor of an estate for a person who had very little family, and need to clean out the home and bring it up to a condition that it can be handed back to the landlord before the next rental payment is due, We can manage everything required. If you are in this circumstance, please contact us urgently.

Horder Clean Up Sydney

It is a sensitive time when a loved one moves on and their estate needs to be organised. We can relieve the physical and emotional work involved in preparing the property for bond retrieval, rental, or for sale.

Deceased Estate Services Sydney

Downsizing – Deceased Estate Management – Decluttering Hoarder Cleaning

House Clearing

If your tenant or mortgagee has left behind a mountain cleaning job, we will prepare the premises to sell. We remove everything, apply trade repairs, then scrub the property. We return the keys by the due date.

Complete Property Makeover

Property Clean Out Sydney

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