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The chemicals used in cigarettes are so toxic that they can cause immense harm not only to human health but to marine life also. However, Chinese scientists led by Jun Zhao of Xi'an Jiaotong University's School of  Energy and Power Engineering, have discovered that cigarette butts are useful for preventing rusting of steel pipes. These scientists have relentlessly pursued their research and have successfully identified nine chemicals in cigarette butts by immersing them in water. These chemical extracts were applied to a type of steel used in oil pipes. The type of steel used in the oil industry is called N80. These scientists were amazed at the results of their experiments because this steel did not rust at all after the chemical extracts were applied to it. The scientists concluded that "the metal surface gets protected and the iron atom's further dissolution is prevented" by these chemical extracts including nicotine. In other words, these chemicals are capable of preventing corrosion of steel pipes. So, it can be said that this remarkable discovery can save millions of dollars spent annually by oil producing companies on replacement and repair of steel pipes.

Statistics show that about 4.5 trillion cigarette butts find their way into our rubbish and waste dumps. Rubbish removal and disposal of these butts is definitely a huge problem. The main problem is that these butts contain highly harmful toxins and they can spoil the environment to a great extent. These toxins are found to be responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of fish and other living organisms in our oceans.

Companies who are involved in rubbish removals have been finding it extremely difficult to dispose of these butts and therefore, were trying to find the most effective way of recycling these butts. But, their attempts have not yielded results yet because they are not able to invent the practical purposes for which these butts can be used. But, this discovery made by these Chinese scientists may revolutionize the process of waste removal and disposal. 

If you look at the statistics, you will find that China is one of the largest smoking nations in the world with about 300 million smokers and this number is increasing day after day. This means that a third of the world's cigarette production is catering to the needs of the Chinese smokers. Statistics also show that a Chinese smoker smokes an average of 15 cigarettes a day. More than 55% of Chinese males have taken to smoking and the way this cigarette-smoking population is increasing is sending jitters among rubbish removal companies that are already finding the tasks of rubbish removals getting tougher and tougher. Environmentalists are also very much concerned about the pollution that may be caused by the rapid increase in the population of smokers. They are also worried about how companies that are involved in rubbish removals will be able to tackle this worsening situation.

In this context, if the discovery of these Chinese scientists is perfected and if the oil companies start using the chemical extracts from the cigarette butts for cleaning their pipes, rubbish removal companies and environmentalists are sure to heave a sigh of relief.

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