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Landfills across Australia are inundated with old mattresses. Each year around 1.25 million mattresses are headed for the landfill. Most rubbish that goes into a landfill is crushed to reduce the size, which saves valuable space, but mattresses are inherently difficult to crush due to their springs.

A typical mattress takes up 0.75 cubic metres and cannot be easily crushed, whereas most other rubbish can. Around 1.25 million mattresses are tossed every year, which means mattresses take up 937,500 cubic metres of landfill space. Could you imagine a pile that big?

At Rubbish Removal, we take the time to separate, store and process all the mattresses we pick up from clients. Those that are in good condition are donated to charity, and the rest are separated into their constituent parts by us or a dedicated recycler.

We work hard to look after the environment. Currently, over half of all junk collected is diverted from landfill and reused/recycled in some way.

If you’re in need of mattress removal in Sydney, call us today, or book your mattress disposal online. We’re happy to come by to pick up your mattress, and ensure that it gets recycled responsibly to keep it out of the landfill.

Inside an old Mattress

Mould is frequently to be found, is hardly visible, and develops through moisture and insufficient ventilation. Mould can also be a trigger for allergies.

Several species of the tiny one celled life forms, often called bacilli, cause disease. In some cases they are even resistant to antibiotics.

Dust Mites
You can read more about Dust mites in our news letter.

Flakes of Dry Skin 
The human body sheds as much as 1.5g of dry skin flakes per day. That is more than one pound every year! People with psoriasis lose many times more. A large amount of this dry skin ends up in the mattress and grows bacteria, becoming rancid and causing an unpleasant rancid odour. That typical bedroom odour!

Without exception, the members of this class of micro-organisms are pathogens which can cause infections, fever and other symptoms. Some types of viruses have become much more aggressive in the past several decades.

Spores spread in the form of fungi. They can cause diseases, in particular a fungal infection of the skin, which can be hard to treat.

Dust Particles 
Up to several pounds in a single mattress, dust particles can be as small as 1 to 20 microns. Dust is a mixture of organic and inorganic particles, flakes of dry skin, salt from perspiration, mite excrement, etc., and is a carrier of mite excrement and bacteria

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What is recycled? 

Wood from the bed bases which is turned into garden Mulch by local a company.
Foam is recycled into carpet underlay. (including futons)
Steel springs and old bed frames recycled locally.
Old style bed heads and slat bases are used by various local work groups. 

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