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Furniture and Rubbish Removal Service

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If your property settlement is only days away, and you need to urgently remove furniture and rubbish, call Cheap Rubbish Removal

Costs start at $55.00 per hour per person, plus truck and tipping fees.

If other businesses are not returning your phone calls, or show no interest, or wont reply to your messages or emails, call us.

If you have been “over promised and under delivered”, or you have been let down, then call us.

This service has been setup to supply urgent relief in situations where short notice and the most extreme conditions exist, allowing you to remove stress quickly and move on.

We cover all of Sydney 

  • Urgent furniture removal
  • Unwanted furniture removal
  • Rubbish removal to the tip
  • Pickup my excess unwanted furniture
  • Charity donations
  • Delivery to a nominated recipient
  • Last resort rubbish removal
  • Urgent trash removal
  • Fast furniture removal
  • Wardrobe removal
  • Large furniture disposal
  • House clearing
  • House clearing in Sydney
  • Furniture clearing
  • Last minute / 11th hour / Same day

If you require assistance with any of the above services or just need some advice don't hesitate to contact Sydney Cheap Rubbish Removal

Urgent Furniture and Rubbish Removal Sydney

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